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Strategic Disaster Mitigation Course

Optimal strategy to mitigate damage from multi-hazards

In order to mitigate damage due to multi-hazards (human disaster as well as natural disaster such as earthquake and flood), undertaking comprehensive disaster prevention and mitigation measures is important. Strategic disaster mitigation course accepts student’s ambitious to learn special knowledge through several academic field and become engineers responding with appropriate strategies from the point of wide view for a disaster in the future.

Course subjects

Strategic disaster mitigation course is an education program on risk assessment of natural disaster, disaster mitigation, and disaster communication. With respect to the subjects served from Graduate School of Engineering, “Evacuation theory for build environment (Prof. Hokugo)” introduces concepts on evacuation plan about building and region considering human evacuation behavior during several disasters with calculation models of evacuation behavior and assessment methodologies. “Advanced Lecture III (Post earthquake engineering) (Prof. Kuwata)” introduces concepts on emergency response, recovery and restoration of urban infrastructure after an earthquake considering mitigation of damage.

Graduate School Department Subjects
Engineering Architecture Evacuation theory for 
build environment
Civil engineering Advanced LectureIII
(Post earthquake
Maritime sciences Maritime Safe 
Evaluation of 
Maritime Technology
Disaster risk 

Program Education Course(MC)