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Welcome to Graduate School/ Faculty of Engineering

Dean, Graduate School of Engineering
Professor TOMIYAMA Akio

The Faculty of Engineering consists of six departments: Department of Architecture, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Chemical Science and Engineering, and Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering. The Graduate School of Engineering consists of the first five departments, excluding Computer Science and Engineering, and offers a wide variety of education and research ranging from fundamental science and liberal arts to innovative engineering for the development of human resources playing leading roles in the realization of a sustainable,safe, and secure society.

Both undergraduate and graduate students are engaged in leading-edge research at a world-class level either in an individual department or through interdisciplinary research centers and projects at the Graduate School of Engineering, through which they are able to acquire a necessary and sufficient ability to become active engineers and researchers, such as problem-solving ability, creativity, a global way of thinking, and communication and presentation skills.

At present, 1000 overseas students study at Kobe University; 270 of them are in either the Graduate School of Engineering or the Faculty of Engineering. Fostering human resources from a global point of view is one of the important missions of Kobe University and ours as well. The Faculty and the Graduate School offer an excellent research and educational environment and heartily welcome students from all over the world,especially those who wish to take on the challenge of exploring new corridors and fields in engineering.