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Name Research Field
FUJITANI, Hideo Structural control of Buildings
KONDO,Tamiyo Housing Policy, Built Environment Planning
MUKAI, Yoichi Structural Mechanics and Dynamics of Buildings
NAKAE, Ken History of Modern Architecture
SAKAGAMI, Kimihiro Architecutual Enviaronmental Engineering, Environmental Acoustics
SUEKANE, Shingo Architectural Theory and Design
SUN, Yuping Building Structures
SUZUKI, Hirotaka Lighting Environment Planning
TAKADA, Satoru Architectural Environmental Engineering
TANAKA, Tsuyoshi Steel Structure for Buildings
YAMAZAKI, Juichi Planning Theory of Built Environment
Associate Professor
Name Research Field
FUJINAGA, Takashi Architectural Structure
KURIYAMA, Naoko Urban Landscape, Urban Planning and Design
NAMBA, Hisashi Structural Performance Engineering
OHTANI, Yasuhiro Structural Engineering, Building Management
SATO, Hayato Environmental and Architectural Acoustics
TAKEBAYASHI, Hideki Urban Environment, Facilities Planning
TAKEUCHI, Takashi Wind Engineering of building, Concrete Engineering
TSUKIHASHI, Osamu Architectural and Urban Design
YAMABE, Yuichiro Structural Engineering, Information Systems
Assistant Professor
Name Research Field
ASAI, Tamotsu Architectural Design
FUKUI, Kazuma Architectural Environmental Engineering, Building Physics
OKUZONO, Takeshi Environmental and Architectural Acoustics
YAMAGUCHI, Hidefumi Architectural Planning, City Planning
Research Associate
Name Research Field
GOTO, Sara Architectural Theory and Design