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Department of Mechanical Engineering

A challenge to the breakthrough, "KOBE’S MONODUKURI" DOYA!!

Mechanical engineering embraces very wide aspects from basic science to application engineering that have to do with fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, computational mechanics, solid mechanics, materials science, micro-machining, intelligent manufacturing, automatic control, system design, etc. The department of mechanical engineering presents many of the basic disciplines that can be applied for industrial productions that may enrich human life with environmental friendship.

Structure and Divisions

The department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1921, one of the oldest departments in the University. The department is producing many leading engineers in mechanical engineering. The department has three divisions: Thermo-Fluid and Energy, Mechanics and Physics of Materials, Design and Manufacturing. Research programs are offered in 13 fields.

Intelligent Production Systems
Education and research intersts are in the effective use of information and knowledge to achieve stabela, efficient, and high quality operations in production systems, covering the technologies such as production planning, material flow, instrumentation and control, and skill acquisition and transfer.

Adaptive Function Model
Education and research on fundamentals of information and communications technologies, especially, fundamentals and applications of photonic devices, speech processing, and natural language processing are conducted.

Wisdom-based Manufacturin
Division of Wisdom-based Manufacturing offers the scientific and technological education of the design technology of manufacturing systems, the production planning technology, the monitoring technology of production progresses, and the robotic technology as an element of manufacturing systems for production and the distribution system field.

Message for international students

Our educational goal is to train the students as to become the engineers who make their dreams come true. For this purpose, the curriculum is planned from basics aspects to applications. Educational programs are arranged from basics of engineering to advanced courses in engineering. Lectures in the specialized research fields are also given. Students at the 4th grade study their graduation theses under the guidance of faculty staff. Currently, over 70% of undergraduate students proceed to the graduate school and continue their studies.