Graduate School of Engineering, Kobe University


Medical Engineering Course

Health, Welfare and Medical Engineering Course(MC)


Foster and Strengthen Human Core Resources for Manufacturing by Collaborative Medical Engineering Education

This course is aimed to educate engineers and researchers at work with practical experiences who can set up new tasks and solve problems through learning higher expert knowledge and pioneering new fields of work based on clear sense of purpose cultivated by their own experiences. As the major parts of the collaborative education of medical engineering, the courses taught are the biomedical engineering, the manufacturing process technology and the production systems and production management. The problem solving ability of the students are cultivated by the theme study as well.


The major curricula of education of this course consist of required lectures of “Manufacturing Process Technology”, “Biomedical Engineering” and “Production Systems and Production Management” and practical subjects of “Experimental Works and Practices”, “Theme Study” and “Internship Training”. It is aimed for students not only to learn knowledge by lectures, but also master abilities to set up new tasks, execute tasks, understand problems and solve problems through actual problem solving. The student registered to this course can take any lectures given at the Graduate School of Engineering as regular students. The lectures of this course are normally given on Saturdays and in the evening on week days at the Kobe City Industrial Promotion Center .

Educational Program

In order to foster abilities of the students to solve actual problems rationally, systematic curricula are prepared which include lectures, experimental works and practices and also theme study. The students, who are the core engineers in industries, will master the problem solving abilities by taking the three unique core lectures, visiting most advanced facilities, taking the experimental works and practices and the internship training, and also taking the theme study supervised and guided individually by the Professor. Those who wish to be or are expected to be leading core engineers in industries are invited to join this program to strengthen their problem solving abilities and to enhance leadership in industries.