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Education/Research Fields

Divisions Education/Research
Thermo-Fluid Dynamics Applied Fluid Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Non-linear Problem, Propulsion Equipment, Rarefied Gas Dynamics, Cavitation, Waves, Evaporation/Condensation, Porous Media, Non-Newtonian Fluids
Multiphase Thermo-fluid Dynamics Multiphase Flow, Heat Transfer, Neutron Radiography, Fuel Cell, Accelerator Target Technology, Heat Exchanger, Co-generation System, Thermal Control Equipment
Energy Conversion Engineering Heat Transfer, Thermal Control, Renewable Energy System, Environment, Electronic Equipment Cooling, Manufacturing Process, Refrigeration, Magnetocaloric Effect, Phase Change
Energy and Environmental Engineering Nuclear Reactor Thermalhydraulics, Gas to Liquid System, Liquid Atomization, Mass Transfer, Bubble and Drop Dynamics, Optical Measurement, Computational Multifluid Dynamics
Mechanics and Physics of Materials

Solid Mechanics Solid Mechanics, Continuum Mechanics, Nano-Micro Mechanics, Computational Mechanics, Finite Element Method, Molecular Dynamics, Multiscale Simulations, Metallic Materials, Polymers, Bulk Metallic Glass
Fracture Control Engineering Deformation and Fracture of Materials, Fracture Mechanics, Micromechanics, Fatigue of Materials, Fracture Toughness, Micromaterials, Metallic Materials, Composite Materials, Nondestructive Evaluation, Nano Fractography
Material Science Materials Science, Nanoscience, Microscopy, Spectroscopy, Surface and Interface, Transmission Elrctron Microscopy, Photo-electron Spectroscopy, Quantum Beam, Nanoparticle, Thin Film
Surface, Interface and Tribology Tribology, Surface, Interface, Nanotechnology, Carbon Nanotube, Advanced Carbon Materials, Space Tribology, Atom Beam Modification, Atomic Resolution, Ultrahigh Vacuum, Diamond Related Technologies
Design and Manufacturing Complex Mechanical Engineering Dynamics Based Control, Passive Dynamic Walking, Adaptive Nonlinear Control, Mobiligence, Rescue Robot, Blimp Robot, Computer Vision, Mobile Robot, Automotive Control, Reinforcement Learning
Machine Dynamics Rotor Dynamics, Vibration Engineering, Machine Dynamics, Biomechanics, Medical Engineering, Dynamic Design of Machine, Machine Condition Monitoring, Diagnosis of Machine, Vibration and Noise Control, Seismic Engineering
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Ultraprecision Cutting, Ultraprecision Grinding, Ultraprecision Polishing, On Machine Measurement, Glass Molding, Eco Machining, Multi-axis Controlled Machine Tool, CAD/CAM, Mold & Die, Monitoring
Intelligent Artifacts and Manufacturing Systems Intelligent System, Intelligent Machine Tool, Reactive Scheduling, Cutting Simulation, Virtual Machine Tool, Human Interface
Creative Design Design, Creativity, Decision Making, Synthesis, Environment, Knowledge, Viewpoint, Life Cycle
Intelligent Production Systems Process Control, Iron and Steel Making Process, information systems, Production Systems, Intelligent Control, Optimization, Adaptive Systems, Knowledge-based Systems, Self-organization, Artificial Neural Network Model, Complex Systems
Adaptive Function Model nanophotonic device, organic integrated optical circuit, nano/micro lithography, natural language processing, machine translation, text analysis, speech processing, speech recognition, speech synthesis
Wisdom-based Manufacturing Digital manufacturing, Factory simulation, Facility layout plan, Robot mechanism design, Robot mechanism control, Service robot utilization