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Department of Civil Engineering

Education/Research Fields

Divisions Education/Research
Engineering of Human Safety Structural Engineering for Urban Safety Traffic-induced vibration of bridges, structural control, reliability-based design of structures, structural health monitoring, environmental vibration, structural concrete, nonlinear analysis, seismic performance evaluation, damaged structures, image analysis
Geotechnical Engineering for Urban Safety Geomaterials, laboratory test, in-situ test, constitutive modeling, geo-analysis, soil reinforcement, soil improvement, geo-hazard, geo-environment
Transport Systems Engineering Transportation systems planning, infrastructure planning, decision making, policy analysis, behavior analysis, quality of service, global economy and local economy, network design, optimization, risk management
Geotechnical Engineering for Disaster Reduction Earthquake geotechnical engineering, geotechnical assessments & managements of natural disasters, pavement engineering, dynamic behavior of geotechnical materials & ground, geotechnical environment managements
Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Engineering Earthquake disaster prevention, lifeline, earthquake engineering, seismic design, seismic response, life-saving engineering, seismic risk
Disaster-prevention Engineering for River Basin Flood measurement system, inundation analysis, local remote sensing, flood forecasting system, open-channel turbulence, numerical fluid dynamics, river image engineering, urban water conservancy, civil engineering history, flood control concept
Engineering of Environmental Symbiosis
Environmental Fluid Engineering Environmental flow simulation, free-surface flow, coastal-flow field survey, turbulence modeling, computational fluid dynamics, atmospheric flow modeling
Engineering of Hydrospheric Environment Catchment management, environmental hydraulics, river restoration, water purification, disaster prevention and mitigation
Geo-environmental Engineering Slope disaster prevention engineering, landform engineering, geoinformatics, risk communication, fracture mechanics, rock dynamics, wave theory
Urban Preservation Engineering Geotechnical hydraulics, geo-environmental risk, ground deformation, desertification, performance-based design for soil structures, geotechnical computation mechanics, mechanics of unsaturated soils, stress and strain of soils, international collaboration, disaster mitigation
Urban Preservation Engineering Concrete engineering, bridge structure diagnostics, maintenance, reliability analysis, infrastructure management, rock engineering, underground space development, structural maintenance, tunnel engineering, rock slope engineering
Urban and Transport Planning and Management Traffic engineering, transport network analysis, travel behavior survey & analysis, traffic flow dynamics, urban & regional analysis, urban modeling