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Education/Research Fields

Divisions Education/Research
Applied Chemistry Creative Materials Chemistry Transition metal catalysis, Polymer syntheses, Advanved organic materials
Inorganic materials, Electrochemistry, Materials for energy conversion, Highly concentrated solution, Molten salt chemistry, Liquid phase deposition, Relaxative auto-dispersion, Solid-liquid coexisting systems, Hetero-phase effect, Nanomaterials
Heterocyclic chemistry, Fluorine chemistry, Biologically active substances, Functional materials, Exploratory research on medicines and agrochemicals
Polymer synthesis, Soft matter, Polymer particles, Interface, Heterogeneous polymerization
Smart Materials Chemistry Organic thin films, Control of molecular orientation and structure, Organic devices, Evaluation of optical and electronic properties, Molecular nanotechnology
Polymer property, Polymer structure, Polymer surface and interface, Composite, Adhesion
Functional Materials Chemistry Molecular recognition, Functional gel, Polymer particles, Molecular imprinting, Biosensor
Inorganic Polymer Chemistry, Inorganic Phosphates, Inorganic Energy Chemistry, Environmental Analytical Chemistry
Biofunctional materials, Drug delivery system, Cell/Tissue engineering, Biomaterials
Chemical Engineering
Separation and Reaction Engineering Membrane separation, Separation based on reaction and diffusion, Control of microporous structure, Water treatment, Gas separation
Catalyst, Catalytic reaction engineering, Selective oxidation, Selective reduction, Surface science, Material science, Photocatalyst, Photocatalysis, Energy conversion, Green chemistry
Interface, Surface functionalization, Surfactant, Polymer, Biomolecule
Process Engineering Process intensification, Process dynamics, Reactor
Rheology, complex Fluid, Latent heat transportation, Functional film, Drag reduction
Coating drying, Drying model, Material-temperature change method, Microwave drying
High pressure, Fluid property, Pressure crystallization, Refrigerant
Biochemical Engineering Bioproduction, Biorefinery, Synthetic bioengineering, Protein engineering, Nanobio technology
Bioprocess, Bioreactor, Cell culture engineering, Recombinant protein production, Bioseparation
Localized Reactions and 
Physical Properties of Materials
Cooperative education and research with National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. 
Material Design, Synthesis, Analysis, Characterization, Specific Function, Catalyst, Nanobiology, Biosensor, Surface Modification, Energy Transformation
Chemical Energy 
Conversion Process
Cooperative education and research with National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.
Biofunctional Engineering Post-genomic analysis, Endocrinology, Evolutionary biology, Plant biology, Metabolic engineering, Structural biology
Pharmaceutical Technology Oral Formulation Technology, Oral Formulation Process Engineering Technology, Oral Formulation Packaging Technology, Tablets, Capsules, Granules, Scale Up theory, Parenteral Formulation Technology, Parenteral Formulation Process Engineering Technology, As
Chemical/Biosensing Cooperative education and research with National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. 
Chemical Sensors, Biosensors, Bioanalysis
Sustainable Chemistry
Sustainable chemistry, biorefineries, renewable resources, biomass, carbon dioxide, utilization of renewable energy, catalytic chemistry, chemical engineering