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Education/Research Fields

Divisions Education/Research
Spatial Design Architectural and Urban Design Architectural Design, Theory of Spatial Composition, Theory of Modern and Contemporary Architectural Design, Urban Theory, Urban Space Policy, Urban Planning, Urban Design, Theory of Urban Landscape, Urban Development and Improvement
Housing and Community Design Theory of Human Habitat, Housing Design & Planning, Community Design, Community Development, Citizen Participation, Sustainable Development, Landscape Design, Environmental Design
Structural Engineering and Design Building Structural Design and System, Frame Analysis & Design, Performance Based Design, Total Seismic Safety for Buildings, High-rise Building & Long Span Structures, Buckling Restrained Braced Frame, Passive Controlled Structures, Semi-Active Controlled Structure, Earthquake Resistance/Control/Isolated Structure
Building Management Fracture Process of Material, Mathematical Modeling of Structural Element, Steel Concrete Composite Structure, Retrofitting of Damaged Structure, Repair / Rebuilding of Building, Life-Cycle Assessment of Building, Recycled Concrete
Architectural Planning, History and Theory History and Theory of Architecture, Theory of Historical Environments History of Japanese architecture, History of western architecture, History of modern architecture, Architectural theory, Preservation of historic architecture
Planning Theory of Built Environment Housing Planning, Regional Planning, Living Environment, Community, Dwelling Policy
Urban and Architectural Safety Planning Urban Safety Management, Natural Disaster, Fire, Evacuation, Human behavior, Universal Design, Condominium, Security Environment, Defensible City, People with Special Needs in Emergency
Engineering of Building Structures Structural Performance Engineering Steel Structures, Steel-Concrete Hybrid Structures, Reinforced Concrete Structures, Structure Analysis, Mechanical Behavior, Seismic Performance, Seismic Retrofit, Earthquake Response Control Techniques, High-Strength Materials
Structural Control in Dynamics Control of dynamic response of structures, Dynamic response of buildings and space frames, Dynamic response of offshore structures, Earthquake resistant design of structures, Soil-structure interaction, Liquid-structure interaction
Structural Systems Engineering Intelligent control system of buildings, Ubiquitous information system of buildings, Optimal structural planning of buildings, Non-linear analysis of structural systems, Structural simulation system of buildings, Building system harmonized with global environment, Circulation-type building system
Architectural Environmental Engineering Planning of Acoustical and Lighting Environments Design of acoustic environment in buildings, Room acoustics, Barrier free acoustic environment, Noise control, Acoustic materials, Sound insulation and absorption, Design of lighting in buildings, Lighting and color studies for built environment
Thermal Environmental Planning Heat Transfer, Ventilation, Simultaneous Heat and Moisture Transfer, Fluid Dynamics, Condensation, Building Material, Fire Safety Engineering, Smoke Movement, Energy Conservation, Thermal Comfort
Planning of Urban Environment and M&E Services Urban environmental planning, Urban heat island, Urban environmental climate map, Surface heat budget, Green roof, Environmental service systems, Energy saving, Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning, Hot water supply system, District heating and cooling systems
Disaster Mitigation Planning Cooperative education and research with National Research Institute of Fire and Disaster
Sustainable Living Environmental Design
Sustainable environmental design, Ecological architecture and landscape, livable environment, Sustainable residential planning, Community safety, Prefabricated house design